Promoting DX manufacturing by integrating Materials Science and Information Technology

Environment and Process Design Laboratory

Categories of technology seeds
IoT/Smart FactoryEnergy Conversion MaterialsRobot Control with AIEnvironmental purification technologyCeramicsDigital TwinNanocompositeNanosecond pulsed electric fieldHybrid Materials


中山 忠親

NAKAYAMA Tadachika

Department of Science of Technology Innovation


後藤 孝

GOTO Takashi

Department of Science of Technology Innovation

Specially Appointed Professor



Ceramics(C1103), Robotics (M0205), Discharge and high voltage technology (E0103), Batteries and energy conversion devices (S0401)

Research areas

In our laboratory, we possess one-of-a-kind technologies such as nanocomposite technology, nanosecond pulse technology, pressure-sensitive sensing technology, and energy conversion technology from fluctuating heat sources. Using these technologies, we are conducting research using our own original devices. In particular, in recent years, we have been working on research on structural control technology for ceramics, robot control technology using AI, measurement and control technology using IoT devices, and environmental purification technology.

Main facilities

Material synthesis device using nanosecond pulsed electric field (self-developed), thermoelectric conversion characteristic measurement device (self-developed), human collaborative robot and sensor system (self-developed), metal 3D printer, nano-level 3D printer, laser CVD device (self-developed), hot press, IoT system (self-developed)

Forte of this laboratory's study

Technology to control the internal structure of ceramics and hybrid materials
Technology to evaluate the mechanical properties and functionality of sintered ceramics
Technology to control robots by using AI to analyze information from cameras and pressure sensors
Technology to improve the productivity of factories by using unique IoT devices
Technology to purify water and air
Technology to generate power from low-grade waste heat

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

In our laboratory, we have experience in social implementation in the field of manufacturing process of hybrid materials. We also have experience in joint research with companies in fusion research that crosses multiple fields such as mechanics, electricity, materials, control, and IT.

Areas interesting to interact with

Promotion of the digital twin in manufacturing
Improvement and utilization of systems that integrate various sensors and robots
Process improvement for controlling the internal structure of ceramics and hybrid materials
Smart factory using IoT devices
Regeneration of electricity from waste heat below 200°C

Intellectual properties

A bubble generator and a flotation beneficiation device (JP 2021-137765), an on-board power generation system (JP 2018-204434), a method for manufacturing a pressure sensitive conductive elastomer (JP 2018-111218), a power generation circuit and a power generation system (JP 2017-147876), a power generation material, a power generation element and a power generation System (JP 2017-117910), Thermoelectric Conversion Material and Thermoelectric Conversion Device (JP 2014-029950), Thermal Control Device and Thermal Control Method (JP 2013-113408), Yttrium Oxide Material, Material for Semiconductor Manufacturing Device, and Method of Manufacturing Yttrium Oxide Material (JP 2012- 232897)


Our laboratory proposes comprehensive solutions to corporate problems using a wide range of technologies including ceramics, electric circuits, IT, AI, and robot control. We can also collaborate with you in applying for subsidiary aid.

  • Demonstration test of an IoT device using power generation from waste heatDemonstration test of an IoT device using power generation from waste heat
  • Polishing test of ceramics using a Human Collaborative RobotPolishing test of ceramics using a Human Collaborative Robot
  • Sewage Purification System Using Nanosecond Pulse ElectrocoagulationSewage Purification System Using Nanosecond Pulse Electrocoagulation
  • AI Prediction of Radio Propagation in Mountainous AreasAI Prediction of Radio Propagation in Mountainous Areas
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