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小野 浩司

ONO Hiroshi

Electrical,Electronics and Information Engineering


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坂本 盛嗣

SAKAMOTO Moritsugu

Electrical,Electronics and Information Engineering

Associate Professor

野田 浩平

NODA Kohei

Technical Staff

鈴木 雅人





Research areas

Organic optoelectronics
1. Diffractive optical elements by using photo-reactive polymer liquid crystals
2. Structured anisotrophy control on liquid crystal polymer films by using nano-imprinting
3. Nonlinear effect of liquid crystal
4. High density optical memory based on vector holography
5. Multi-dimensional photo-alignment method by using vector holography
6. Optical wave control by using liquid crystal photonic structure
7. Development of snapshoto polarimeter by using vector diffraction grating
8. Three-dimensional anisocropic photonic optical elements
9. Multi-valued anisotropic diffractive optical elements by using polarized ultra-violet laser beam drawing method
10. Space variant photo-alignment of polarization sensitive materials by using singular light waves
11. Polarization imaging system
12. Development of nano-photolithography by using optical vortex beam
13. Mode demultiplexer of polarization vortex beam for high-density optical communication

Main facilities

Nb:YAG laser (532nm and 1064nm)
He-Cd laser (325n)
Liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Spectro meter
Galvano scaner
Cruster system

Forte of this laboratory's study

1. Numerical simulation
2. Holography
3. Optical sensing
4. Optical information processing
5. Diffractive optical elements
6. Optical memory
7. Polarization measurement

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

1. Application of polarization conversion diffractive elements fabricated by using photocrosslinkable polymer liquid crystals
2. A study on high density optical memory
3. Application of highly funcsionalized hologram film
4. A study on photo-alignment of liquid crystals

Areas interesting to interact with

1. Synthesis of functionalized organic materials
2. Opto-elentronics systems for optical memory and liquid crystal display
3. Highly functionalized optical devices

Intellectual properties

1. Polarization multi-plexing recording/reproduction system and polymer materials which enable to record/reproduct a polarization multiplexing (Patent application:2006-165085)
2. Fabication method of polarization diffraction grating and polarization diffraction grating (Patent application:2007-073024)
3. Polarization analyzing system (Patent : 5109112)


We are studing about organic materials such as the liquid crystals and the polymers
to apply them into opto-electronics techinologies.
Espetially, we fabricate diffraction gratings which can control not only propagation direction
but also polarization state of incident polarized light waves by using photo-crosslinkable
polymer liquid crystals and molucular alignment techniques.
These devices would be applicable to

  • Experimental setup for recording vector beams in polarization sensitive materials.Experimental setup for recording vector beams in polarization sensitive materials.
  • Polarization dependent liquid crystal Fresnel lens cell fabricated 
by using Galvano scanner system.Polarization dependent liquid crystal Fresnel lens cell fabricated
    by using Galvano scanner system.
  • Metamaterials fabricated by using Galvano scanner system.Metamaterials fabricated by using Galvano scanner system.
  • Scarab beetle image observed by using polarization imaging camera.Scarab beetle image observed by using polarization imaging camera.
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