Social System Management Laboratory

Categories of technology seeds
Infrastructure Management・Communication
Environmental planningTransportation planningTransportation EngineeringRegional and urban planningInfrastructure planningRural planning


佐野 可寸志

SANO Kazushi

Civil and Environmental Engineering


高橋 貴生


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Assistant Professor

加藤 哲平

KATO Teppei



1.Transportation and Traffic Engineering : Transportation Planning
2.Building and Infrastructure engineerring : Urban Engineering

Research areas

Logistic model in urban area, Traffic congestion mitigation when holding large events, Traffic demand management and effect analysis, Public acceptance,
Parking management, Public transportation planning, Vacant houses and their management, Traffic analysis using big data,
Regional vitalization by ”MICHI NO EKI” , Measures to mitigate traffic congestion in developing countries

Main facilities

Transportation planning system (JICA Strada, Paramics, AIMSUN, TransCad)
Micro traffic simulator (Paramics)
Statistical analysis system (SPSS、TSP、LIMDEP, et al.)
Mathematical optimization system (Gurobi、AIMMS、AMPL)
Geographic information system (SIS)
Vehicle behavior measurement system

Forte of this laboratory's study

Traffic assignment using micro simulation
Traffic flow analysis
Travel demand forecasting model/Travel behaviour analysis
Discrete Choice Model using attitudinal data and behavioral data
Questionnaire survey and data analysis

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

Suggestion and evaluation of measures to reduce traffic congestion during ”Nagaoka-Hanabi” festival
Performance verification and multi-objective optimal allocation of ”Michi-no-eki”
Impact analysis of highway fare incentive measures
Bus and community bus planning

Areas interesting to interact with

People who work on regional vitalization
People who is interested in transportation planning


Our partners are mainly ”Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism” and ”local governments”, but we are also promoting joint research and exchange with private companies and civic groups (such as NPO).

  • Execution screen of vehicle tracking systemExecution screen of vehicle tracking system
  • Assignment result of travel demand forecasting modelAssignment result of travel demand forecasting model
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