Prof Nakayama’s Labo, Extreme Energy-Density Research Institute (EDI)

Prof Nakayama’s Labo, Extreme Energy-Density Research Institute (EDI)

Categories of technology seeds
Energy Harvesting and Thermoelectric conversionHigh temperature structural material ・ Laser CVDNanocomposite / Orientation and 3D structure control in Hybrid materialNanosecond Pulsed Power ApplicationNanosized 3D Printer


中山 忠親

NAKAYAMA Tadachika

Department of Science of Technology Innovation


後藤 孝

GOTO Takashi

Department of Science of Technology Innovation

Specially Appointed Professor

Wiff Verdugo Juan Paulo

Wiff Verdugo Juan Paulo

Department of Science of Technology Innovation

Specially Appointed Associate Professor



[1][Area] Interdisciplinary science and engineering, [Discipline] Nano/ Micro science, [Field] Nanomaterials engineering [Keyword] (6)Nano materials/ Fabrication process(7)Nano shaping/ Forming process
[2][Area] Chemistry, [Discipline] Materials chemistry, [Field] Inorganic industrial materials [Keyword] (9)High-functional catalysts(11) Nanoparticle/ Quantum dots (12)Porous materials
[3][Area] Engineering, [Discipline] Material engineering, [Field] Inorganic materials/ Physical properties [Keyword] (1)Crystal structure/ Microstructure control(2)Mechanical/ Electronic/ Electromagnetic/ Optical/ Thermeal properties(3)Surface/ Interface control(4) Functional ceramics(6)Structural ceramics ](8)Dielectric materials (9) Inorganic material synthesis and process
[4][Area] Engineering, [Discipline] Material engineering, [Field]Composite materials/ Surface and interface engineering [Keyword] (3)Hybrid/ Smart/ Biomaterials (9)Design/ Fabrication process/ Forming

Research areas

(1) Composite materials, particularly high strength ceramics and organic-inorganic hybrid material process
(2) Synthesis of fine particles and fillers, surface modification, dispersion, mixing method
(3) Two-dimensional, three-dimensional molding technology such as laser CVD, nanoimprint, nano 3D printer
(4) Design and prototype of nanosecond pulse power supply and plasma, high electric field orientation technology etc. using it
(5) Development of observation and evaluation technology of nanostructure
(6) Fracture of materials exhibiting brittle fracture (Linear fracture engineering, interfacial engineering)

Main facilities

Various 3D Printers (Nanolevel, Microlevel), Laser CVD equipment, powder CVD equipment, PECS (pulsed current sintering equipment), pulsed ion beam irradiation equipment (ETIGO-4), transmission type electrons (ETIGO-4), various types of printers (nano level 3D printer Nanoscribe Corporation Photonic Professional, Keyence Corp. Agilista etc.) Field emission type scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM / EBSD), X-ray diffractometer, specific surface area measuring device (BET), SQUID, terahertz spectroscopic analyzer, laser for both microscope (FE-TEM / EELS, high sensitivity EDX) Focus microscope, high speed digital microscope, nanoindenter, atmospheric pressure plasma source, hot press, nanoparticle synthesizer, nanoimprint equipment, complete set of organic and inorganic hybrid equipment

Forte of this laboratory's study

(1) Synthetic process development of ceramics and hybrid materials such as particle orientation and internal structure control
(2) preparation of composite fine particles at the nano level and mixing, molding and sintering techniques thereof
(3) Laser utilization process such as nano-level 3D printer and laser CVD by femtosecond laser
(4) Technologies related to ceramics and hybrid materials

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

(1) Industrial application of inorganic-organic nano-feel sensor having the same function as fingertip
(2) Industrial application of electrically and optically functional harmonized nanocomposites
(3) Multifunctionalization of polymer by nanocomposite technology and industrial application
(4) Harmonized functional harmonized nanocomposite ceramics and industrial applications
(5) Ultra fine particle synthesis and device development of metals and inorganic compounds by pulsed fine wire discharge method
(6) Development of water and air purification technology and environmentally conscious technology

Areas interesting to interact with

(1) Industrial application of nanocomposite materials
(2) Industrial application of laser CVD, nano-level 3D printer
(3) a touch sensor having the same function as a human fingertip
(4) synthesis, mixing, molding, and sintering / processing technology of nanoparticles
(5) Material synthesis and processing technology using nanosecond pulsed power supply
(6) Environmental remediation (water, air), environmentally conscious technology (resource development, agriculture etc.)

Intellectual properties

A boron nitride film and a method of forming the same (Japanese Unexamined Patent Application Publication No. 2010-185138), a method of manufacturing a nanosheet (Japanese Unexamined Patent Publication No. 2010-168848) 106352), a ceramic fired body having a fine uneven pattern on its surface and a method for producing the same (Japanese Unexamined Patent Application Publication No. 2010-52408), a process for producing fine particles (JP 2009-241025 A), a process for producing a nanostructure, a nanostructure, Composition device of structure (Japanese Unexamined Patent Application Publication No. 2009-057229)


More than 20 years ago we announced the concept of nanocomposites ahead of the world and succeeded in developing a wide range of new materials for ceramics, polymers and metallic nanocomposite materials. Professor Takashi Goto is an International Ceramic Federation (President) of the International Ceramics Federation and has many networks on ceramics in general. Also, most of the technical seeds can be relocated, and collaborative research is welcome if necessary. Please contact us if you need materials with new functions. Furthermore, technical consultation is possible regarding fracture mechanics consideration.
In particular, we are actively promoting joint research with those who are seeking the following technologies.
■ Persons who have consultation on general ceramic technology in general, especially synthesis of 2D and 3D structures (3D printer etc.)
■ Those who are looking for molding technology, especially inexpensive nano processing
■ Those who are looking for measurements of movement, light, electricity etc. in nanoseconds
■ Person who wants to control the internal structure of material

  • 3D nanostructure control of Ceramics nanoparticles in Hybrid Materials by Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field3D nanostructure control of Ceramics nanoparticles in Hybrid Materials by Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field
  • 3D structure fabricated by Nano level 3D printer3D structure fabricated by Nano level 3D printer
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