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Nagaoka University of Technology Techno Incubation Center (NTIC) creates new industries and facilitates the development of new research with industries by distributing the technical and scientific knowledge of the university to local communities and industries. We provide wide range of services and operate in-depth activities such as: technology consulting through our coordinators and liaison managers; promoting cooperation with industry, academia, government and financial organ; and assisting university`s students and faculties in campus incubation. NTIC is proactively promoting: complementary of our knowledge and information that is useful for developing new products and services; and social implementation through cooperative research and contract research. As to campus incubation, NTIC holds business start-up seminars, and “venture salon”, a business consultation event, where students and faculties can have one-on-one council focusing more onto individual business needs. Also, NTIC are providing in-campus rental office where university`s students and faculties can register companies after starting venture businesses. NTIC is perusing to support, in particular, for university`s students and faculties to be able to start venture business. At the business start-up seminars, participants have opportunities to ask questions directly to the venture business owners to learn their experience, expertise and background for starting venture businesses. University`s students and faculties currently using NTIC incubation space after establishing their venture businesses. We welcome any inquiries in respect to such relation as collaboration project with Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT), creation of new industries, and NUT member`s starting venture business.

Takashi Yamaguchi
Head, Nagaoka University of Technology Techno Incubation Center
(Professor, Department of Science of Technology Innovation)


Name Nagaoka University of Technology Techno Incubation Center (NTIC)
Address Nagaoka University of Technology, 1603-1, Kamitomioka Nagaoka, Niigata 940-2188, JAPAN
Date founded April 20th, 2017
Director Department of Civil and Environmental System Engineering
Professor Takashi Yamaguchi
Deputy director Department of Nuclear System Safety
Associate Professor Takashi Kikuchi
Organization 8 Board members,
1 Liaison manager,
2 Coordinators,
and 2 Officers
Totally 13 persons
TEL +81-258-46-6038
FAX +81-258-47-9183


The national university corporation, Nagaoka University of Technology has proactively promoted "industry-academia collaborative education study" as our centered project since its foundation. This center, established on April 2002, is designed to contribute to promotion of companies' new technology development and creation of new industries. We'll try to thoroughly offer our services (dedication to our society)to those who work in industries to satisfy their needs as we work together.


Liaison support / Coordinate of industry-academia collaboration

[Liaison support]
Industry-academia collaborative works
- Contact with Industries, industry-academia collaboration support organizations, governments, local governments
Coordination activities
- Accepting technical consultation request, researching companies' needs, and informing within campus
- Introducing professors who fit the most in the research area and technical guidance and promoting collaborative research/contracted research
Contribution to new industry creation
- Improving environment for technical transfer and returning profits to society for intellectual property, creating support for new industries
Publication and enlightenment activities to list technique
- Company-oriented technical lectures, study exchange, and planning and holding events such as interaction fair
Searching research development tasks within campus and transmitting the information out of campus
- Discovering theme of collaborative research and proposal to companies
- Helping to introduce external research fund

[Coordinate of industry-academia collaboration]
- Technical consulting service from companies and consultation for companies to discover their needs
- Informative interaction between companies and professors, and introduction of professors who fit the most in the research area
- Promotion of collaborative research and contracted research by companies and professors

Operation of industry-academia collaboration events

- Planning and implementing introduction, interaction, and events of research profiles
- Human resource development support project for regional companies' engineers

Providing information to professors

- Providing project information that government office and experimental and research institution promote
- Providing information about issues regional companies have.

Nagaoka Community and Industry Office and NUT Innovation Lounge