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Creation of advanced mechatronics systems through robotics and haptics

Robotics & Haptics Laboratory

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遠藤 孝浩

ENDO Takahiro

Department of Mechanical Engineering




1. Robotics
2. Haptics
3. Control engineering
4. Mechatronics

Research areas

Our laboratory researches theories and technologies related to the control and development of advanced mechatronics systems. In particular, we focus on robot control and haptics, including the guidance control of a robotic swarm composed of multiple robots and the development of systems to enhance human haptic perception or support motor learning (skill transfer). We are interested in various objectives, from artificial objects like machines to non-artificial objects like humans.

Main facilities

multi mobile robots, motion capture system, flexible robot system, enhancing haptic perception system, motor control (motor training) system, haptic interface, mechanical stimulator, electrical stimulator.

Forte of this laboratory's study

1. Control Technology for a robotic swarm consisting of multiple robots
2. Control technology to suppress vibrations of flexible robots.
3. Technology to enhance haptic sensation at human fingertips.
4. Technology to develop systems learning movement and skills.
5. Technology to present haptic sensation to humans.
6. Control technology for mechanical systems.

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

Our laboratory has experience in collaborative research on the development and control of robots, mechanical systems, and haptic interfaces.

Areas interesting to interact with

・Development and control of robots and mechanical systems
・Improvement and utilization of various robot systems
・Development and application of systems related to haptics
・Enhancement of human haptic sensation
・Utilization of haptics in XR


Our laboratory researches various objectives, from artificial objects like machines to non-artificial objects like humans. Using these technologies, we offer consultations and proposals for various inquiries and needs.

  • Distributed guidance for robotic swarmDistributed guidance for robotic swarm
  • Enhancing haptic perception at human fingertipsEnhancing haptic perception at human fingertips
  • Grasping and manipulation of an object by soft roboticsGrasping and manipulation of an object by soft robotics
  • VR motor learning systemVR motor learning system
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