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Development of medical AI, promotion of online medical care, clinical application of new devices

Laboratory of healthcare digital transformation

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勝木 将人

KATSUKI Masahito

Physical Education and Health Center

Associate professor, School doctor


Research areas

With the goal of resolving the declining birthrate, aging population, and shortage of medical resources, we are assisting in the development of medical AI, the spread of online medical care, and the clinical application of new devices. We are currently engaged in medical AI development and clinical practice of devices from various companies, focusing on stroke, headache, and rehabilitation areas, with the aim of making medical work as easy as possible through AI and robots.

Main facilities

Python, SPSS, EZR, Google colaboratory

Forte of this laboratory's study

Statistical analysis in epidemiological studies and general medical researches 2. development of medical AI using machine learning models 3. specialized outpatient clinics and remote medical care using online medical services 4. clinical application of novel devices in medical settings 5. neurosurgery, headache clinical practice

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

Eli Lilly, Bellsystem24, JAST, Itoigawa city, Suwa city, Hedgehog MedTech, CureApp, UBeing, Tsubame-Sanjo Sugoro Neurospine Clinic, Sannocho Hospital, Suwa Red Cross Hospital, Itoigawa General Hospital, Ogi Clinic.

Areas interesting to interact with

Those in charge of medical planning and promotion of medical care, including remote area medical care, such as government officials. Medical professionals who want to develop AI. Those who are developing devices for clinical application in the medical field.

Intellectual properties

Headache diagnosis model, 特願2023-61615


We will connect medical professionals who need AI but do not know how to create it with those in the technology industry who have the technology but do not know the medical needs, so that they can efficiently implement it in society through practice at related hospitals. We are always looking forward to hearing from medical professionals and companies who want to apply the technology in the medical field.

  • Diagnostic accuracy of headache diagnosis AIDiagnostic accuracy of headache diagnosis AI
  • Resolving Unmet Needs with Medical AIResolving Unmet Needs with Medical AI
  • Pregnant women in Sado Island are examined from Nagaoka City with the help of a midwife through online medical care.Pregnant women in Sado Island are examined from Nagaoka City with the help of a midwife through online medical care.
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