Power Conversion Lab.

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芳賀 仁

HAGA Hitoshi

Electrical,Electronics and Information Engineering

Associate Professor



1.Electrical and Electronic Engineering
2.Energy Technology

Research areas

1.Motor drive for high efficiency and high reliability
2.Power converter for high efficiency, low cpst, and small size
3.Power electronics for energy storage or PV system

Main facilities

・ DC/AC power supply : 10 more
・ Power analyzer : 7
・ Digital oscilloscope : 20 more
・ LCR meter : 1
・ Motor generator set (Motor test stand) : 5
・ FW energy storage :1
・ Simulation software (PSIM, PLECS, JMAG)

Forte of this laboratory's study

1.Motor structure, circuit topology, and control technology for motor drive
2.High efficiency, small siz, and light wight technology for power converter

Areas interesting to interact with

1.Saving energy and resource of power converter
2.Saving energy and resource of motor drive system
3.Saving energy and resource in application field of new energy
4.Contention problem and countermeasure technology in system having a plurality of power converter
5.Failure case of motor drive system and high reliability by sensorless

  • Motor test equipmentMotor test equipment
  • Inverter test equipmentInverter test equipment
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