Semiconductor Engineering Laboratory

Semiconductor Engineering Laboratory

Categories of technology seeds



1. Electronic devices, Electronic material

Research areas

1. Atomic scale monitoring of heteroepitaxial growth processes for semiconductor device fabrication
2. SiC, Ge nanodot formation and its application to quantum structure devices
3. Crystal growth of high-quality semiconductor and semiconductor device fabrication by chemical vapor deposition using plasma and catalytic reaction

Main facilities

1. Scanning tunneling microscope (UHV-STM)
2. Reflective high-energy electron diffraction
3. Chemical vapor deposition apparatus

Forte of this laboratory's study

1. Evaluation of semiconductor surface and interface
2. CVD technique using reactive plasmas and catalytic reactions

Areas interesting to interact with

1. In-situ monitoring of thin film growth process using STM and RHEED
2. Semiconductor film growth using catalytic reaction

Intellectual properties

1. Method and Apparatus for Production of Metal Oxide Thin Film, WO 2008/143197 A1
2. Method and Apparatus for Depositing Nitride Film, WO 2009/014099 A1
3. Deposition Apparatus and Deposition Method, No.12/864904, Publication No-US2010-0323108-A1


1. Atomic scale monitoring for the fabrication of nanostructure electronic devices is investigated using a scanning tunneling microscope.
2. New semiconductor growth prosesses using catalytic reaction and reactive plasma are studied for the development of new light emitting diodes and laser diodes with high efficiency.

  • Fig. 1 Scanning tunneling microscopeFig. 1 Scanning tunneling microscope
  • Fig. 2 MEMS structure on SiCOI substrate fabricated by hot-mesh CVD methodFig. 2 MEMS structure on SiCOI substrate fabricated by hot-mesh CVD method
  • Fig. 3 Hot-mesh CVD apparatusFig. 3 Hot-mesh CVD apparatus
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