Laboratory of Network Performance Evaluation

Laboratory of Network Performance Evaluation

Categories of technology seeds
Information telecommunication


中川 健治


Electrical,Electronics and Information Engineering




Information Science, Engineering, Information Networking

Research areas

1. QoS control techniques on TCP/IP networks.
- Development of fair bandwidth allocation methods on connections.
- A performance evaluation on a TCP/UDP mixed environment.
2. A quick connection admission control that guarantees packet loss rate.
- Effective bandwidth for a loss rate guarantee of packets.
- Large deviation theory.
3. Evaluation of delay in packet networks.
- An analysis by a continuous time Markov chain.
- Approximate conditions of a Markov model.
4. An analysis of stationary distributions of queue length and delay.
- An analysis of a stationary distribution applying complex analysis.
- A series expansion of a stationary distribution.
5. Development of a high-speed simulation method.
- A high-speed estimation method for rare packet losses.
- Importance sampling without knowledge of a random process.
6. Accurate measurement method of networks.
- Development of a low cost and accurate measurement tool for delay/loss.
- Non-bias delay measurement technique.

Forte of this laboratory's study

1. Queueing theory
2. Applied Probability
3. Statistical data analysis
4. High-speed simulation technique
5. Network performance measurement

Areas interesting to interact with

1. Traffic data collection for a network performance evaluation

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