Natural Language Processing Laborator

Natural Language Processing Laborator

Categories of technology seeds
Information telecommunication
Web intelligenceNatural language processingKnowledge acquisition and data mining



1. 情報科学・工学:自然語処理、人工知能
2. 情報工学一般:言語学、情報検索システム、知能情報学

Research areas

natural language processing, computational linguistics
1. automatic summarization
2. paraphrasing, text simplification
3. text mining
4. machine translation

Main facilities

1. computer servers
2. text corpus including newspaper, Web text, and so on.
3. language resources including thesaurus, synonym dictionary and so on

Forte of this laboratory's study

1. machine translation
2. automatic summarization
3. text mining
4. information extraction and information retrieval

Areas interesting to interact with

natural language skills including Vietnamese and Tigrinya

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