Laboratory of Glycobiology

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佐藤 武史

SATO Takeshi


Associate Professor



1. Biological Science: General Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology 
2. Pharmaceutical Science: Biological System Pharmaceutical Science, Drug Development Chemistry

Research areas

・Study on the structures and functions of the glycans attached to proteins and lipids
・Regulation of the malignant properties of cancer cells by remodeling of glycan structures
・Study on the effects of the chemical compounds and anti-cancer drugs on glycosylation
・Development of the engineered materials with glycan functions

Main facilities

・Culture apparatus for animal and insect cells
・Analyzer for glycan structure
・Analyzer for gene expression
・Monitor for expression of cancer-related glycogenes

Forte of this laboratory's study

・Preparation, enzymatic synthesis, and functional assessment of useful glycans
・Rapid prediction of glycan structures
・Molecular cloning and functional analysis of novel genes
・Development of drug screening system

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

・Development of inhibitory system for malignant properties of cancers using glycogenes
・Usage of glycans as pathological biomarkers
・Development of deffensive system of infection by introducttion of functional glycans into engineered materials
・Development of drug screening system focusing on cancer-related glycogene

Areas interesting to interact with

・Large-scale preparation of useful glycans
・Functional assessment of engineered materials with functional glycans
・Development of drug screening system focusing on disease-related glycogenes


Glycans, the third chain of living organisms, contain undiscovered functions. In order to contribute to the society, our laboratory focuses on analyzing the function of glycans in living organisms and applying the glycan function to produce useful engineered materials.

  • Fig. 1. Application of glycan function to engineered material and medicinal use.Fig. 1. Application of glycan function to engineered material and medicinal use.
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