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Supporting medicine and human life through co-creation of medicine and information engineering

Medical and Human Support Engineering Laboratory

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Information telecommunication
Machine Learning


大岩 孝輔

OIWA Kosuke


Research areas

We are conducting ”research for support medical field” and ”research for support human life” using AI, IoT, and Kansei measurement technologies. In research for support medical field, we are conducting research on quantitative evaluation of surgical performance and product evaluation of medical devices based on Kansei measurement. In research for support human life, we are conducting research on remote vital sign sensing and stress monitoring based on multi-wavelength facial imaging.

Main facilities

・Multispectral camera
・Near-infrared camera
・Infrared thermography camera
・Heart rate interval measurement device
・Blood glucose sensor
・Numerical analysis software (Matlab)
・Laparoscopic surgery training box

Forte of this laboratory's study

・Biometric measurement and evaluation
・Bioinformation analysis
・Sensory information processing
・Sensitivity modeling
・Mathematical modeling
・Machine learning
・Data Mining
・Soft Computing

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

・Application of blood pressure estimation using facial images to dialysis treatment
・Research for practical application of non-contact vital sign sensing technology based on multiwavelength face images
・Establishment of a load estimation model by measuring surgeons’ fatigue

Areas interesting to interact with

・Development of medical devices and assistive devices for rehabilitation
・Stress monitoring for workers and caregivers
・Medical data analysis for medical diagnosis and support
・Development and evaluation of products
・Vital sign monitoring
・Evaluation of products and systems for elderly monitoring


We are conducting research on stress and health monitoring, product evaluation and design, etc. using Kansei measurement, machine learning, and remote sensing technologies. We are interested in joint research with medical equipment manufacturers, medical organizations, and lifestyle support organizations and companies.

  • Experiments in surgical training using a laparoscopic surgery simulatorExperiments in surgical training using a laparoscopic surgery simulator
  • Measurement of multi-wavelength facial images using a multispectral cameraMeasurement of multi-wavelength facial images using a multispectral camera
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