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Information and Management Systems Engineering




Research areas

Visualizing tie between people. For example,1 visualization of entrepreneurial networks and the process of town formation. At the same time, this will clarify how humans’ behavior changes depending on mountains, rivers, and railways. As for the theme with the students, 2 Development of a system to enhance mutual learning and learning effects between elementary, junior high and high schools, which not only leads to mutual learning but also early detection of bullying. 3 Research on public relations activities using SNS.

Main facilities


Forte of this laboratory's study

Case study, network analysis

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

Industry and University collaboration

Areas interesting to interact with

All company organization and elementary, junior high and high school class management


Although we are still in the early stages of research, we are aiming to create a creative region similar to the research conducted by Richard Florida. We do not believe that creativity depends solely on social class or cultural factors, as many researchers think. Human behavior is unconsciously influenced not only by the natural environment such as rivers, mountains, and climate, but also by man-made objects. I believe that creativity will increase depending on how we create city.

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