Strategic,Technology and Manufacturing Management Laboratory

Categories of technology seeds
Infrastructure Management・Communication


鈴木 信貴

SUZUKI Nobutaka

Information and Management Systems Engineering

Associate Professor



1.Strategic Management
2.Management of Technology
3.Manufacturing Management

Research areas

1.Innovation Management
2.Market Strategy in Emerging Countries
3.Manufacturing Management on Site

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

・Japan External Trade Organization, Society for the Business Environment of India, Deputy Chairman(2011-2012)
・Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union,General Research & Policy Planning Office, “Manufacturing Capability in Electrical Industry”Research and Studies Committee, Certification Committee Members(2013-2014)
・The Water Rate Committee in Tsubame City , Certification Committee Members(2015)
・When I was Assistant Professor in Graduate of Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University, I was engaged in the following works:
Collaboration between university and companies for development pharmaceutical products and medical apparatus,
Negotiation with ministries of a government, Collaboration with the local government framework relevant to special zone system.(2011-2014).

Areas interesting to interact with

1. Management of Technology
2. Market strategy in Emerging Countries
3. Manufacturing Management on Site


With the establishment of more enterprises, new markets are expanding in India. The companies design new products and make profit by selling them. Organizations improve productivity by continuously working towards improvement of the production site. These matters are directly related to the management. It is quite evident that management is a very complex phenomenon and is affected by various factors. In our laboratory, we aim to clarify the causal relationship of the management by analyzing the empirical studies.

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