Theoretical Life Science Laboratory

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西山 雄大

Yuta Nishiyama

Information and Management Systems Engineering

Associate Professor



Human Interface

Research areas

Living System
Animal Behavior
Embodied Cognition

Main facilities

Head Mounted Displays
Pain Thermometer
Image Processing Software
Eye Tracking Device
Darkroom Unit

Forte of this laboratory's study

System theory approach to living phenomena
Behavioral/Psychological evaluation for emergent property

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

Development of human interface to alter states of bodily self-awareness
Development of swarm theory and its applied technology

Areas interesting to interact with

Research fields that tackle part/whole problem under living system
such as Consciousness, Qualia, Adaptability, and Art


Lab. PR: The aim is to establish innovative methodology for living phenomena study. We think that the key is Foreignness.
Tech. PR: Experiment and computer simulation to reveal how organisms behave against changeable and/or unknow circumstances.
About Edu.: It is important for students to think deeply about questions in daily life from many sides. I wish that they never have an easy answer.

  • Human/Animal research examples to consider the life theoryHuman/Animal research examples to consider the life theory
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