Combustion and Energy Laboratory

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Laser Ignition


勝身 俊之

KATSUMI Toshiyuki

Mechanical Engineering

Associate Professor



1. Combustion, Thermal Engineering
2. Propultion/Engine, Aerospace Engineering

Research areas

1. Intrinsic instability of premixed flame
2. Flame acceleration characteristics of hydrogen flame
3. Combsution characteristics of ionic liquid propellnat
4. Laser ignition

Main facilities

1. Vacuum chamber for thruster firing test
2. Laser measurement system
3. Laser ignition system
4. Schlieren system
5. Closed chamber for gas explosion test

Forte of this laboratory's study

1. Measurement and observation of flame
2. Experiment of gas combustion
3. Combustion experiment of high energetic materials
4. Research and development of space propulsion system
5. Risk assesment for combustion equipments

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

1. High performance gas generator
2. Hydroxylammonium nitrate based propellnat for thruster
3. Catalytic thruster for ionic liquid propellant

Areas interesting to interact with

1. Combustion mesurement and control
2. Combustion safety
3. Renewable energy
4. Space propulsion system

Intellectual properties

1. No. JP,5721371,B
2. No. JP,5250873,B
3. No. JP,5326158,B
4. No. JP,5376132,B
5. Gas generating composition, No. US8114228 B2
6. No. JP,5110256,B

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