Nuclear Materials and Maintenance Laboratory

Categories of technology seeds
Nuclear System Safety


鈴木 雅秀

SUZUKI Masahide




Nuclear Engineering

Research areas

Ageing management of complex material systems
Risk-informed decision making of emergency preparedness
Nano-scale measurement and fabrication using electron & ion beam
Accident analysis and management improvement

Main facilities

Transmission electron microscope
Focused ion beam fabrication
Static Ion Accelerator
Scanning electron microscope, EDS, EBSD
Specimen preparation facilities for metal materials
Multiscale modeling platform

Forte of this laboratory's study

Development of technical information basis on safety of nuclear facilities
Visualization and modeling of material behavior in extreme environments
Microfabrication of metal materials and Micromechanical testing

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

Development of irradiation-induced hardening database of reactor pressure vessel materials
Evaluation of irradiation effect on corrosion behavior of stainless steel using ion accelerator
Evaluation of irradiation, corrosion and hydrogenation effects of zirconium-based materials used in nuclear fuel assemblies

Areas interesting to interact with

Areas related to nuclear safety


We hope to cooperate with industry stakeholders and other stakeholders to explore issues to be solved for nuclear safety. Please consult about issues related to nuclear power as well as visualization and modeling related to metal and inorganic materials.

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