Nano/Bio Integrated System Laboratory

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庄司 観

Kan Shoji



Mechanical Engineering/Fluid dynamics, Electrical Engineering/Robotics, Information Science/Intelligent mechanical Engineering, Chemistry/Analytical Chemistry

Research areas

1. Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy using pore-forming proteins
2. Probe type nanopore sensors (Biological nanopore probe)
3. Bio sensors using microfluieic devices
4. Nanopore sensors using DNA nano structures
5. Environmental monitoring robots powered by insect biofule cells

Main facilities

Set up for Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (Scan range: 100 μm/each dimension, Resolution: z 0.1 nm, xy 0.2 nm)
NC milling system (MM100EX, Modia Systems)
Micropipette puller (P-1000, Sutter Instruments)
Patch-clamp amplifier (PICO2, Tecella)
Inverted microscope (Ts2, Nikon)
Syringe pump (YSP-202, YMC)
Gel electrophoresis

Forte of this laboratory's study

1. Formation of artificial cell membranes
2. Nanopore sensing with biological nanopores
3. Fabrication of microfluidic channels
4. Fabrication of micro electrodes and nano pipettes
5. Ion current measurements of transmembrane peptides and proteins
6. Biofuel cells

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

・Collaborated with Elwave Corp. about a micro wireless sensor that can be driven by a biofuel cell using insect hemolymph
・Automation and array system of lipid bilayer formation
・Applications of nanopore systems for drag discovery and diagnosis

Areas interesting to interact with

・Micro droplet manipulation
・Analytical Chemistry
・Nano positioning technologies
・Liquid biopsy

Intellectual properties

We are currently applying for a patent of a probe type nanopore sensor.


Please contact us if you are interested in our techniques.

  • Photograph of Microfluidic channelPhotograph of Microfluidic channel
  • SEM images of Left) Gold nanoneedle electrode, Right) Glass-recessed micro silver electrodeSEM images of Left) Gold nanoneedle electrode, Right) Glass-recessed micro silver electrode
  • Wireless sensing robot using living insectsWireless sensing robot using living insects
  • Schematic illustration of nanopore sensing system using micro electrodesSchematic illustration of nanopore sensing system using micro electrodes
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