Fundamentals on Information Engineering:  Applications are based on Fundamentals

Laboratory for Data Sequence Structure

Categories of technology seeds
Information telecommunication




Department of Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering

Associate Professor

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Fundamental Theory on Engineering

Research areas

We are interested in observing desirable charactertistics of data sequences under certain circumstances, and proposing efficient schemes to generate data sequences with the characteristics. More precisely, we use graph thepry for fundamental analysis for data sequences, such as the number of desired data sequences or data-sequence generators.

Main facilities

High-spec computers

Forte of this laboratory's study

Applications of discrete mathematics towars information engineering
1. Characteristics on coding scheme for data storage media
2. Evaluation on coding scheme with power-consumption and high-reliability
3. Theoretical analysis on network topolosiges with smooth communication and error robustness

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

1. Analysis on typical errors on data storage media and proposal on coding schemes having robustness agianst the errors

Areas interesting to interact with

1. Bioinformatics analysis on characteristics of DNA sequences
2. Theoretical analysis on semi-conductors


I believe that graph theory can be widely applicable in engineering, andI am happy to welcome any kinds of ideas on research. I strongly believe that your frexible way of thinking will not only broaden your mind but also become a key to overcome difficulties on researches.

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