Development of low-temperature fabrication process of thin films

Functional Materials Chemistry

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西川 雅美


Department of Materials Science and Technology

Associate Professor


Research areas

We are developing a low-temperature fabrication process for thin films of metal oxides and metal titrides in the purpose of flexibility. Specifically, we use laser and plasma. The main applications are sensors, photocelctrodes and wear resistant coatings.

Main facilities

Plasma equipment, various light sources such as lasers, photoelectrode / photocatalyst evaluation equipment, visible ultraviolet spectrophotometer, beads mill

Forte of this laboratory's study

Low-temperature fabrication of metal oxide films.

Areas interesting to interact with

Not particularly limited. We believe that the functionality of metal oxides and metal nitrides, whose applications have been limited due to the need for high-temperature processes, can be applied to various fields.


We are developing research focusing on low-temperature fabrication process of thin films, but we are also developing a series of research on photocatalysts, including fabrication, evaluation, and elucidation of the mechanism.

  • Laser irradiation optical system and plasma equipment.Laser irradiation optical system and plasma equipment.
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