To pursue of surface and interface of materials and creation of new nano-materials

Surface and interface chemistry

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Department of Materials Science and Technology

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Funcation and physical property                             Interface chemistry

Research areas

Our laboratory conducts education and research on surface and interface chemistry of nanomaterials. In particular, our research interests focus on nanosheets based on surface and interface chemistry. Nanosheets can be considered as a unique class of nanomaterials, having an exceedingly two-dimensionality with a molecular thickness.

Main facilities

Atomic force microscope, Polarization microscope, Thermogravimetric analysis, Ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy

Forte of this laboratory's study

Design and synthesis of nanomaterials, Preparation of thin films made of nanomaterials, Characterization such as surface analysis of nanomaterials

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

Functionalization of inorganic nanomaterials, Proposals for studying the stability of nanomaterials.

Areas interesting to interact with

Fields where 2D materials can play an active role,
Fields of cosmetics, and so on.

  • Atomic force microscopeAtomic force microscope
  • Synthesis of nano-materialsSynthesis of nano-materials
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