Research Center for Advanced Magnesium Technology

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中田 大貴


Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Professor



Engineering/Metals・Nonferrous Metals

Research areas

1. Heat-resistant commercial Mg alloy
2. Formable Mg alloy with medium strength and high ductility
3. High strength Mg alloy with press formability
4. Mg alloy with high toughness
5. Ultra-high-strength Mg alloy with heat resistance

Main facilities

Melting furnace, Homogenization・Solution-treatment equipment, Aging furnace, Servo press machine, Hot/Warm rolling mill, Thermal analysis equipment(DTA, DSC, TG), Automated polishing apparatus, Cross section polisher, Met-etch, Low-speed sow, Dimple grinder, Ion-milling (TEM-MILL, PIPS), Twin-jet polishing system, Optical microscope, Scanning electron microscope (w/ EDS apparatus), Field emission scanning electron microscope (EDS/WDS and EBSD apparatus), Field emission transmission electron microscope (common use), X-ray diffractometer, Vickers hardness tester, Universal testing machine, High-speed testing machine, Creep tester, Uniaxial fatigue testing machine, Rotary bending fatigue machine

Forte of this laboratory's study

1. Melting and casting
2. Wrought prosessing (rolling, extrusion, forging), Press forming
3. Evaluation of thermal property
4. Microstructural observaion (crystal orientaion, compound identification, scanning/transmission electron microscopy)
5. Evaluation of mechanical properties (tensile/compressive properties and their dependence of strain rate, fatigue property, creep property)

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

1. Cast/Forged Mg alloy development and research on their processing technology
2. Cast Mg alloy development for airplane
3. Development of forming system for CNF reinforced light metals
4. Manufacturing technology of Mg alloy sheets by press forming
5. High-efficiency production of formable Mg alloy sheets
6. Research and development of press forming die for hardly workable and large-sized Mg alloy sheet
7. Development of Mg alloys for CAF
8. Development of light-weight seat-flame for automotives by plastic working
9. Environmentally-friendly production technology for hardly workable metal materials
10. Development of High elasticity Mg alloys for speakers
11. High strength and high toughness die-casting Mg alloys
12. Development of extruded high-strength Mg alloys
13. Improvement in mechanical property of drawn Mg alloys
14. Synthesis technology on energy saving freon substitute
15. Development of twin-roll casting technology
16. Heat-resistant commercial Mg alloys
17. Development of rolled Mg alloy sheets with high strength
18. Room temperature forming of Mg alloy sheets
19. Hear resistant Mg alloys for forging
20. Development of formable Mg alloys
21. Development of Mg alloy casting with high strength and excellent heat-resistance
22. Die-casting Mg alloys with heat-resistance for automotives

Areas interesting to interact with

1. Application technology for production (Direct chill casting, Die-casting, Forging, Rolling, Extrusion, Press forming)
2. Surface treatment, Joining technology

Intellectual properties

1. Fabrication of Mg alloys (6452042)
2. Mg alloys and thier fabrication method (6493741)
3. Fabrication of Mg components for air-conditioning compressor(2012-097309)
4. Fabrication of rolled Mg alloys (5424391)
5. Fabrication of Mg alloys (2008-280565)
6. Fabrication of impeller by using casting Mg alloys (4905680)
7. Fabrication of thin Mg alloy sheets for stretching (5268127&5300116)
8. Fabrication of extruded Mg alloys (2008-075169)
9. Mg alloys and their die-casting products (2007-277660)


We hope for collaborative research aiming at practical applications of Mg alloys.

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