Wildlife management

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Wildlife animals damage countermeasuresWildlife management


山本 麻希



Associate Professor



Ecology, Wildlife management

Research areas

Auto-monitoring system of wildlife animals, Auto-detecting system of wildlife animals.

Main facilities

Radio receiver
Application for GIS analysis
GPS collar,  Data logger (ECG)

Forte of this laboratory's study

Wildlife management
Ecological survey of wildlife animals
Varidation of detecting device of wildlife animals.
Stress measurement of wildlife animals
Education for wildlife management

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

Development of cormorant fishing damage control equipment
Development of laser equipment and image analysis equipment for evacuation from crow’s roots
A Study of Black Bear Observation Collar Using Mobile Communication
in Consideration of Energy-saving Operation

Areas interesting to interact with

Acoustic technology
Miniaturization of power supply unit
Technology related to power saving
Technology related to laser output
Material processing for conductive anti-herbal sheet

Intellectual properties

”A device for determining the number of harmful birds and a stationary position and a method for controlling harmful birds.”Acquire patent (Japanese Patent Application No. 2009-297779)


Agricultural damage caused by wildlife animals has become a major social problem, but the depopulation and aging of inter-mountainous areas has progressed, and the workforce necessary for countermeasures against wildlife animals is lacking. We make use of new engineering technology to compensate for labor shortage in inter-mountainous areas, and we are developing technology for wildlife animals and human beings to coexist.

  • Outline drawing of future wildlife countermeasure systemOutline drawing of future wildlife countermeasure system
  • Real-time monitoring system utilizing animals dedicated frequency mobile for symbiosis with wildlifeReal-time monitoring system utilizing animals dedicated frequency mobile for symbiosis with wildlife
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