Disaster resilience and reconstruction systems engineering (Disaster resilience)

Categories of technology seeds
Infrastructure Management・Communication
Participatory approach


松田 曜子


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Associate Professor

Research areas

Community disaster management planning, disaster reconstruction/revitalization planning, disaster relief

Forte of this laboratory's study

Social surveys (quantitative/qualitative), workshop facilitation

Achivements/proposals via industry-academia collabolations

- Study group to evaluate disaster resilience education
- Questionnaire for community-based disaster resilience
- Printing materials to find gap between supporters and suffers in evacuation shelters
- Self-help project for inland flood risk, Aichi Prefecture (Localized and handimapped disaster mapping)

Areas interesting to interact with

- community organizations or NPOs engaged in community-based disaster preparedness.
- Practitioners (health nurses, supporter for foreigners, teachers etc) who would like to collaborate with disaster researchers.
- local governments
- volunteer groups”


We study community-based disaster resilience and reconstruction process with involvement of differenet stakeholders such as neighborhood associations, non-profit organizations and other volunteer groups. Our basic assumption is that disaster resilient communities are also inclusive ones. We would like to collabolate with those who need participatory approach to solve community issues.

  • Localized disaster mappingLocalized disaster mapping
  • Workshop for community disaster mitigationWorkshop for community disaster mitigation
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