Environment, Safety and Energy Laboratory

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System Safety
Safety EngineeringInternational Safety Standard


佐藤 大輔

SATO Daisuke



1. Thermal Engineering and Applied Thermodynamics/ Thermal Engineering
2. Energy and Nuclear Engineering/ Energy

Research areas

1. Combustion diagnostics based on safety confirmation
2. Fire control and risk assessment
3. Fluctuation and chaos in flames
4. Smart control of lean combustion
5. Development of ultra-micro combustor
6. Chemical reaction of hydrogen
7. Explosion protection and international safety standards

Main facilities

1. Measuring device of flame temperature
2. Measuring device of nitrogen oxide
3. Numerical CODE for unsteady reactive flow
4. Laser measurement of flames

Forte of this laboratory's study

1. Combustin diagnostics for invisible flames
2. Risk assessment of fire and explosion
3. Optimal design of lean combustion
4. Observation of hydrogen explosion

Areas interesting to interact with

1. High speed photography of unstable behavior of flame fronts
2. Combined velocity and temperature measurement
3. Relation between fundamental combustion technology and practical combustion devices

Intellectual properties

Patent No. 3991108, Japan

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